Great. You’re one step closer to having an exciting author event.

Making A Booking

Please choose from the sessions listed on my Visits & Events page then message me via my contact page. Please read this Booking Info page first. It should answer most of your queries. I can tailor a session to your requirements.   

What is the cost?

For school visits, my usual fee is the standard rate of £175 per hour, as advised by the Scottish Book Trust. It enables me to write more books & compensates for any time I am away from my desk & not writing. 


If I do two sessions at your school, or you arrange several sessions within a cluster of schools, I usually  offer a discount.


Additional costs such as travel or accommodation are dependent on location/distance. Happy to discuss this when organising any booking.

I am a Live Literature

 funded author.

I am on the Scottish Book Trust Live Literature database that helps fund author visits to community groups, such as schools & libraries. Please note that you have to apply for funding in advance. 


If successful, the SBT pays the author’s fee (£175 per session), travel and accommodation expenses directly to the author after the event. You just pay a pre-set cost after the event of £75 per session (£90 inc. VAT). A session lasts for 1 hour. This way of funding means you get a great author visit for half the price.



If you already have a pot of Live Literature money, it can be used to bring any author to your school. 

Feel free to contact me if someone is unable to make it to your school.

Things to do before my author  visit:

Please provide a letter or email confirming the age groups present, number of children attending, contact details of school or organisation, name of organiser, etc. 

Please tell parents well in advance - via the school newsletter / text / class note home - that a book signing will be happening in school as part of my visit. My publisher may provide a helpful leaflet. It really helps if you text parents/carers the day before too.

l will arrange books to be present for children to purchase. Usually I bring them myself (or may arrange a local bookshop or my publisher to post them to the school in advance of my visit).

You may wish to collect in money for books before my visit. My handy PRE-VISIT ORDER FORM logs the books children choose and any money brought into school. Please note that some titles may not be available on the day due to limited stock.


To download the PRE-VISIT ORDER FORM just click the image:

Please discuss and confirm whether you have the facility for Powerpoint presentations. I will bring a USB stick with a .ppt file on it so it can be projected on a screen. I can send via WeTransfer if necessary beforehand.

pre-visit book order form Alan Dapre click to download

Things to do on the day of my author  visit:

Please let a member of staff know I am coming so that I can be greeted and shown to the right location. I will have trolleys and bags with me.

Please arrange a space for me in the car park, if applicable.

Please remind the children I am coming in and show them my work. It will really motivate them and help them get the most from my session.

Please have an area with two tables where I can display my books. Plus an adult-sized chair available for me.

Please have a member of staff available to help during the signing. It is useful to have chidren’s names written on paper slips so the queue can flow smoothly.

Please check beforehand that children have the correct money to hand over. If priced £5.99 I can either give 1p change or donate any surplus pennies to charity. 


Some sessions can get a bit noisy so you might wish to have ear-defenders available for children who require them.  


Have fun!


Signing books at the end of the session:

Book signings enable children to meet an author and get a memento of the visit. When children receive books they always go off eager to read. As a former Deputy Headteacher, I am aware not everyone can afford a book. It may help to ask your local library to stock copies before my visit. 


Occasionally a school may not wish to sell books and prefers to stock some for its own library. I receive a visit fee, so it’s up to individual schools to decide whether they are comfortable with a signing session. 



Please feel free to snap away. If any good ones are taken, please let me have a copy. I may put them on my website. 



Prior permission to record is required. So much stuff goes on the web these days and I wish to retain an element of control, regarding video and audio recordings.