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My latest storybook series is Porridge The Tartan Cat. There will be 6 books out in 2017/18.

Porridge The Tartan Cat and the Brawsome Bagpipes Alan Dapre
Porridge The Tartan Cat and the Bash Crash Ding Alan Dapre
Porridge The Tartan Cat and the Bash Crash Ding Alan Dapre
Porridge The Tartan Cat and the Bash Crash Ding Alan Dapre
Floris Books
ISBN: 9781782503552
Floris Books
ISBN: 9781782503569
Floris Books
ISBN: 9781782503576
Floris Books
ISBN: 978-1782503583
Porridge The Tartan Cat and the UNfair Funfair Alan Dapre
Floris Books
ISBN: 978-1782503590
Funny, furry Porridge has CAT-a-logged six Tartan Cat adventures for 6 to 9 year old readers to enjoy. Every story stars a member of the McFun family. Gadget Grandad, Groovy Gran, Mini Mum, Dino Dad, Roaring Ross & Invisible Sister. Nothing is ever what it seems in this fantastic family. Everyone has a surprising secret & a knack of getting into trouble. Luckily, Porridge is around to lend a helping paw & save the day. All it takes is courage & a box of brain-boosting Fishy Biscuits.  Mmmm. Fishy Biscuits.

Read what reviewers, bookshops & festivals are saying about Porridge the Tartan Cat:

“The latest series to launch from Floris Books’ Young Kelpies list is a wild, laugh-out-loud romp featuring Porridge the Tartan Cat, a long story that involves precisely one cat and one tin of tartan paint.”

- Books from Scotland

“The writing is where these books really stand out. It’s actually a rather unique style which I haven’t come across before, and one that must have taken a huge amount of work to perfect. The writing includes alliteration, puns, onomatopoeia and lots of general word play. It makes for exciting and fun reading and is a great way to introduce play on words to children, the perfect opening for discussion on words and language. It’s really nicely done, and something I think would go down particularly well in schools for the more advanced readers, who can start to look at word play and explore this further. It would be a very effective book to use in school to aid creative writing also.” - BookMonsterAlly

“Meet Porridge, the Tartan Cat.

Porridge The Tartan Cat and the Brawsome Bagpipes by Alan Dapre (Young Kelpies) will delight young readers with its entertaining story of Porridge, lending a paw when his human family find themselves in a muddle…”

- Armadillo Magazine

“And sneakily, as cats do, Porridge the Tartan Cat has brought out another title! Catch Alan Dapré - Author & Artist at NessBookFest in October, where wacky wordplay will be the order of the day!”

- NessBookFest

“It was a great session, very good feedback and no signed copies left, so I think it's safe to say you were a hit!”


- Sally Pattle, ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ (Winner Independent Bookshop Of The Year 2017)

Illustrator Information:

interview with yuliya somina illustrator of porridge the tartan cat by alan dapre
yuliya somina illustrator of alan dapres Porridge the Tartan Cat